Music Hop FAQ's

What is Music Hop?

Music Hop is a small music festival that shares live music in multiple venues across the city.


Where does it happen?

The venues vary from restaurants, bars, coffee shops, businesses, and art galleries!  All of the venues will be local and within walking distance!


When is it?

Music Hop will be hosted the third Friday of every month.


What kind of music will there be?

All kinds!  Part of our mission is to expose the community to a variety of genres. (i.e. classical, folk, punk, grunge, metal, blues, etc.) There will be something for everyone to enjoy!


How much does it cost?

Music Hop is free!  We want everyone to be able to enjoy the music and creativity that Kalamazoo has to offer.


Is it family friendly?

Another part of our mission is to keep Music Hop family friendly.  We ask our performers to avoid vulgar content.  People of all ages are welcome!

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