The Story

 Music Hop began as a conversation about the state of the music industry in America.  It raised a few questions: Does a musician have to move to Nashville to "make it?" What is the draw of those big cities for musicians?  Does Kalamazoo have the capacity to operate as a music center for the north?  Realizing they were tackling a couple of very big picture questions, they decided to stick with the one closest to them: Does Kalamazoo have the right stuff to become a music hub for the north?  After discussing the fantastic music school down the road, (Western Michigan University) listing off countless venues primed for musicians to perform, and already being familiar with the awesome local music scene, the answer became clear: Yes!


The subsequent questions were more tricky.  How can we make this a reality?  What does a city like Nashville bring to the scene that attracts both musicians and listeners?  Several important elements seemed to present themselves: 


1. Lots of performance venues, both traditional (restaurants/bars) and non-traditional (anywhere else!)

2. Quality talent, and a variety of genres 

3. Multiple groups performing at the same time

4. Make it free!


Next, the task was simple: Create an event that will act as a catalyst for the music scene in Kalamazoo to grow.  Thus Music Hop was born!  Music Hop will act as a small music festival in downtown Kalamazoo once a month.  As the number of venues grow and musicians become aware of the performance opportunities, our dream is to turn Kalamazoo into the Nashville of the North! 



Will Alderman | Founder

Will is a Southwest Michigan native, born and raised in Plainwell.  He moved to Kalamazoo to pursue an undergraduate degree at Western Michigan University in music performance.  From there he moved to Ithaca, New York where he received his masters in music performance from Ithaca College.  Now Will is back in Kalamazoo, and hopes to add to the already fantastic music scene!

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